At Woodfire, we believe in tradition

That is why we make pizza the Neapolitan Way!  After all, this is the place where the pizza as we know it was born.  

So what is a Neapolitan pizza you ask…

Neapolitan Pizza is made in all natural way, using only water, 00 italian flour, salt and yeast. 

Once the dough is made it undergoes a long leavening process. 

When preparing the final product it is important to adhere to the following in order to differentiate from a non-Neapolitan pizza:

  • The pizza must be stretched by hand so it remains light and airy once cooked.
  • The pizza must be topped with quality ingredients such as Italian bell tomatoes (for minimal acidity) and fior di latte cheese or Buffalo Mozzarella.  Fresh Basil and Extra Virgin Olive oil are also key ingredients in an Authentic Neapolitan Pizza. 

The final step is cooking.  The pizza must be cooked in a wood-fire oven, burning at at least 400 Degrees Celcius.  This will ensure the crust has risen sufficiently, and the final product is light, airy and easily digestible.


The Neapolitans also believe in simplicity, keeping their ingredients to a minimum. 

At woodfire, while we keep to tradition, we also believe in the modern school of pizza topping; utilising fresh, top quality ingredients in a tasteful fashion. 



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